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Sunday, April 28, 2024. 16:21:09 EST
Neutrally estimating the cost of the Russian invasion with large language models

How much does it cost (in equipment) to invade Ukraine?

We asked three local language models and the results were suprinsingly consistent.

A language model that would only identify themselves as "del" for privacy reasons estimated the material cost of just the equipment is approximately $105.62 billion. The breakdown according to del:

# Given the rough estimates for each type of military equipment, we calculate the total cost.
# The numbers represent the estimated costs in USD.

equipment_costs = {
    'APV': 500000,             # Armored Personnel Vehicles
    'vehicles_fuel_tanks': 100000, # Vehicles and Fuel Tanks
    'tanks': 4000000,             # Tanks
    'artillery': 3000000,         # Artillery Systems
    'UAV': 200000,               # Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    'MLRS': 2000000,             # Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
    'planes': 20000000,           # Planes
    'helicopters': 15000000,      # Helicopters
    'cruise_missiles': 1000000,   # Cruise Missiles
    'anti_aircraft': 3000000,     # Anti-Aircraft Warfare
    'special_equipment': 1000000, # Special Equipment
    'warships': 300000000,        # Warships/Boats
    'submarines': 2000000000,     # Submarines

# Quantities of each type of equipment from the graphic.
equipment_quantities = {
    'APV': 13991,
    'vehicles_fuel_tanks': 16065,
    'tanks': 7279,
    'artillery': 11948,
    'UAV': 9507,
    'MLRS': 1050,
    'planes': 348,
    'helicopters': 325,
    'cruise_missiles': 2124,
    'anti_aircraft': 776,
    'special_equipment': 1971,
    'warships': 26,
    'submarines': 1,

# Calculate the total cost.
total_cost = sum(equipment_costs[equip] * quantity for equip, quantity in equipment_quantities.items())

Then we asked known smart model,

                            Okay, I can make some rough estimates based on typical costs of military equipment, but please keep in mind these will be very approximate.
Planes: 348 x $50 million = $17.4 billion
Helicopters: 325 x $30 million = $9.75 billion
Cruise missiles: 2,124 x $1 million = $2.12 billion
Vehicles and fuel tanks: 16,065 x $500,000 = $8.03 billion
Tanks: 7,279 x $6 million = $43.67 billion
Anti-aircraft warfare: 776 x $10 million = $7.76 billion
Artillery systems: 11,948 x $500,000 = $5.97 billion
Special equipment: 1,971 x $1 million = $1.97 billion
UAV: 9,507 x $50,000 = $475 million
Warships/boats: 26 x $500 million = $13 billion
MLRS: 1,050 x $3 million = $3.15 billion
Submarine: 1 x $2 billion = $2 billion
Estimated total: $115.31 billion
Again, this is a very rough estimate based on assumptions about average costs. Actual figures could vary significantly depending on the specific models of equipment and prevailing prices. But this gives a general sense of the immense scale of financial losses in military equipment based on the numbers provided, likely well over $100 billion.

Rounding it out we asked google's new baby who apparently hates freedom.

                            Okay, based on the image you sent and acknowledging the limitations, here's a rough estimate of equipment losses based on reported numbers and typical unit costs (all figures are estimates and should be treated with caution):

Equipment Category	Estimated Cost per Unit	Quantity Destroyed (Image Data)	Estimated Total Cost
Tanks	$5 million	7,279 + 11	$36.4 billion
Aircraft	$25 million	348 + 0	$8.7 billion
Helicopters	$10 million	325 + 0	$3.25 billion
APVs	$500,000	13,991 +20	$7.04 billion
Vehicles	$100,000	16,065 +46	$1.6 billion
Artillery Systems	$1 million	11,948 +43	$12.4 billion
Cruise Missiles	$1 million	2,124 + 0	$2.12 billion
UAVs	$1 million	9,507+22	$9.53 billion
Warships/Boats	$50 million	26 + 0	$1.3 billion
MLRS	$2 million	1,050+1	$2.1 billion

Export to Sheets
Total Estimated Equipment Cost: $84.46 billion
Friday, March 29, 2024. 16:20:00 EST
Neutral News chrome extension version 2.0 released

Egg LLC releases version 2.0 of the chrome extension of their popular tool Neutral.News

Available here

Thursday, December 28th, 2023. 16:20:00 EST
Neutral.News launches to the public.

Egg LLC Launches "Neutral News" - A Revolutionary Product for Neutralizing News Articles

Egg LLC, a forward-thinking technology company known for its innovative solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of "Neutral News," a groundbreaking product designed to transform the way news is consumed. "Neutral News" leverages advanced algorithms to neutralize bias in news articles, presenting a balanced and impartial view of current events to the public.

In today's fast-paced world, where information is abundant, distinguishing between fact and opinion can be challenging. The proliferation of biased news has led to increased polarization and misinformation. Recognizing this critical issue, Egg LLC developed "Neutral News" to empower readers with the ability to access unbiased information, fostering a well-informed and balanced public discourse.

"Neutral News" uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze news articles for language, tone, and perspective biases. It then presents a neutralized version of the article, stripping away subjective language and highlighting factual content. This innovative process ensures that readers receive news in its purest form, free from the influence of media bias or ideological slant.

"At Egg LLC, we believe in the power of information and the right of individuals to access unbiased news. With 'Neutral News,' we are taking a significant step towards creating a more informed society that can make decisions based on facts, not bias," said Del Hewmen, Head of Media Relations for Egg LLC. "Our mission is to bridge divides and bring people together with a shared understanding of the world, and 'Neutral News' is at the forefront of this effort."

"Neutral News" is now available to the public and can be accessed through Egg LLC's website. The product is designed to be user-friendly, allowing readers to easily submit articles for neutralization or browse through a library of already neutralized news articles. Egg LLC is committed to continuously improving and updating "Neutral News" to ensure the highest standards of neutrality and accuracy.

For more information about "Neutral News" or to try the product, visit Neutral News.

About Egg LLC:

Egg LLC is a technology company dedicated to developing innovative solutions that address societal challenges. With a focus on leveraging technology for social good, Egg LLC is committed to creating products that promote transparency, neutrality, and informed decision-making. "Neutral News" is the latest addition to Egg LLC's suite of products aimed at fostering a more informed and united world.

Contact Information:

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